Medical Bot for Learning (MediBot) aims to revolutionize the way doctors are trained, in medical schools and later on in lifelong learning schemes, for performing differential diagnosis. In medicine, differential diagnosis is the process for distinguishing of a particular disease or condition from others that present similar clinical features.

MediBot provides a system where voice-enabled chat-bots play the role of patients, while running on cheap single-board computers/devices or are provided as a service through the web in smartphones and desktops. The bots interact with doctors or candidate doctors playing scenarios of various diseases, including usual, rare or even misleading cases and preparing candidate doctors or re-educating (in a lifelong learning process) experienced ones. The doctors interact with the bots as if it is a real patient, they ask questions and get responses.


  • Utilizes single-board devices or web platforms for running the voice-enabled chat-bot.
  • Exploits advanced voice recognition and artificial intelligence features available today as online services running on the cloud (i.e. IBM Watson).
  • Utilizes advanced algorithms to ensure a realistic patient-doctor discussion.
  • Provides a comprehensive web platform to easily design, run, review and analyze diagnosis scenarios without requiring computer specialized personnel.
  • Standardizes the training process for the medical students and experienced doctors for disease diagnosis.
  • Can be used to create, run and collect diagnosis test results and perform analysis so as to identify educational issues and shortcomings.
  • Offers a disease diagnosis database that is continuously enriched with scenarios.
  • Enables doctors to discuss and share experience both from real world cases where diagnosis procedures have succeeded or failed but also on the way the students react on the tests performed.